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Australian Staffing Agency provides short-term labour solutions to help our clients meet their immediate staffing needs. Primarily, we specialise in recruiting for the mailing, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and call centre industries. ASA provides training and on-the-job mentoring for all our staff. Established in 1998, we bring 14 years’ experience to our work.

ASA began as pioneers in the mailing industry. We earned a strong reputation in this market, which we continue to build upon today. During our first decade, all our customers were referred to us by word of mouth and our hiring came from internal recommendations. Australian Staffing Agency believes in reliability, honesty and exceeding expectations. We look for and develop these core values in all of our staff.

ASA is also a member of AIG (Australian Industry Group), and has been a member of RCSA (Recruitment and Consulting Services Association) since 2000. In 2004, ASA received the Australian Achiever Highly Recommended Award for Excellence in Customer Service, the only year we participated in the survey.

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