Case Studies - Computershare

Since founding in Melbourne in 1978 and listing on the ASX in 1994, Computershare has developed into a pre-eminent global professional services firm, employing 12,000 people who provide financial, legal and communication services to over 30,000 clients in more than 20 countries.

Computershare’s success is inherent in its business model which offers local knowledge on a global scale, in conjunction with the three key qualities of Certainty, Ingenuity and Advantage – all of which offers the client a comprehensive package with excellent customer service, at a reasonable price.

Like any professional services firm, Computershare’s product is its people, their knowledge, their expertise, and their customer service skills. With the services sector accounting for over two thirds of Australia’s economy, competition is fierce and unrelenting, requiring firms such as Computershare to invest heavily in staff training and development.

By working closely with Computershare, ASA developed a staffing solution which enabled the firm to maintain an optimal roster of staff, expected of a brand with such strong customer service credentials. The staff ASA provided were ready to hit the ground running and well versed in the intricacies of good customer service. This partnership continues today, as does Computershare’s solid reputation.

ASA’s Solution:

  • Staff skilled in customer/client service required
  • Staff were to be provided in short space of time
  • Staffing schedule required inherent flexibility
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