Case Studies - GEON

GEON are Australia and New Zealand’s leading print and communications business, providing a full suite of integrated print and communication services – including creative design, data management, direct marketing, digital media, print, warehousing & fulfilment and mail – to a range of clientele across both markets.

GEON have successfully positioned themselves as a high value player within their respective market and are very proud of delivering on their role to ‘guard and protect’ their clients brand integrity with every assignment. And with their work involving the careful use of expensive and specialist machinery, GEON’s ability to deliver upon their value proposition is contingent upon the skills and integrity of their staff.

Within such a specialised environment, it is difficult to replace sick or leaving staff who usually take their technical skills and acquired flair with them. However, like any company, GEON experiences the occasional need for outside help in maintaining a full schedule.

By working closely with senior management, ASA were able to provide staff for GEON with the required skills and cultural values upon which the firm’s continued success is based. As a result, GEON continues to build upon its strong brand reputation and within the past 18 months has won a raft of awards recognising industry excellence.

ASA’s Solution:

  • Specialist skilled staff required, difficult to find
  • Staff also required to fit GEON’s customer-centric culture
  • Staff were to be provided in short space of time
  • Staffing schedule required inherent flexibility

"Thank you Australian Staffing Agency, your level of response and ability to fulfil our staffing needs in the shortest of times is much appreciated." - Justin Petrak, Operations Manager (GEON print & communication solutions)

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