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As Australia’s leading multi-channel communications provider, Salmat offer services which help companies big and small deliver their message and services to the right audience, at the right time in the most efficient manner possible. These services include Digital Communications, Customer Contact Solutions, Business Process Outsourcing and Targeted Media Solutions. Salmat has 31 offices across Australia, New Zealand the United States and South East Asia through which it provides these services.

A considerable amount of Salmat’s work however, is carried out by part-time and contract staff; allowing the company to adjust staffing schedules in a flexible manner, as required by their current workflow. But with flexible staff scheduling arises the problem of finding qualified staff on time, in the first place.

ASA have provided Salmat with comprehensive staffing solutions since 1998, recognising their need for flexibility and skilled, enthusiastic individuals whom fit their culture of high employee engagement. When Salmat acquired Hermes Pricisa Australia in 2011 and relocated to a large site in Ravenhall in 2011, ASA provided most of their casual/permanent staff during the transition period. As a result of our 14 years partnership, Salmat continue to deliver industry ‘best practice’ HR performance in both their client facing and corporate (internal) divisions; a result made possible by ASA providing diligent, pre-trained staff from their talent pool, ready to ‘hit the ground running’ upon deployment. We continue to work with Salmat in a partnership based upon a mutual passion for delivering superior service to their respective clientele.

ASA’s Solution:

  • Provide qualified staff trained in mailing industry
  • Staff also required to fit Salmat’s high employee engagement culture
  • Staff were to be provided in short space of time
  • Staffing schedule required inherent flexibility

"Thanks a lot for your support during the VCAA project. We asked a lot of you guys but you certainly delivered. We’re well impressed.”. - Remco Ten Harkel, Operations Manager (Salmat BusinessForce)

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